One simple exercise that can help manage Diabetes better!

deep breath meditate
deep breath meditate

“Without food one can live for a few weeks. Without water a few days. Without oxygen a few minutes”

One single sentence above is enough to make it clear that how important it is for a human body to breathe but however most of the time breathing is controlled by a subconscious part of our brain. Many people consider breathing as one of an exercise in yoga which may have long term benefits but might not be that effective. Today in our blog we mention some unknown benefits of deep breathing which might surprise you and help you live a better life by doing it.

1. Detoxification of the body

Did you know that 70 percent of our body waste is released through breathing? If you do deep breathing on a daily basis it will release carbon-dioxide much effectively and make your body feel much more oxygenated and you’ll feel active throughout the day.

2. Releases Tension and brings clarity

Through deep breathing your body empowers itself to think positive, the brain feels relaxed by getting more oxygen and it releases tension, anxiety, and stress out of your body and brings clarity of thought and peace of mind in you.

3. Gives power to your organs

Deep breathing gives your organs an extra power and energy to do daily functions effectively. It massages your organs by providing them more oxygen The movements of the diaphragm during the deep breathing exercise massages the stomach, small intestine, liver, and pancreas. It also helps in strengthening your lungs.

4. Strengthen your heart

Did you know that if your heart beats at a rate of more than 90 beats per minute (when you’re at rest) then you are more likely to get a Heart attack? Deep breathing provides sufficient amount of oxygen to the heart, strengthens its muscles and brings its beating back to normal range. Deep breathing is a good exercise for cardiovascular problems.

5. Reduces Bad Cholesterol

High level of bad cholesterol is one of the main reason of heart attack and many other health problems. It is one the most common reason for heart attack. Deep breathing helps in eliminating bad cholesterol from your body.

6. Empowers immune system

When once your body is oxygenated, the oxygen travels through your bloodstream by attaching to hemoglobin in your red blood cells. This in turn then enriches your body to metabolize nutrients and vitamins. Thereby making your immune system stronger.

7. Managing body weight

The more is the amount of oxygen in your body, the quickly the fat burns. The body functions more actively in shedding off the fat from your body and helps you in achieving your goal weight. However, if you are skinny then also deep breathing exercise is helpful for you as it helps your body in working effectively in consuming all nutrients in food that you eat thereby helping you in gaining weight!

8. Building Muscles

If you are someone who hits the gym to build muscles then let us tell you that muscles in the body are built when the torn off muscles are repaired by the body. Such repair work is done through proper oxygenation in the body, with the supply of oxygen to the brain this increases the muscles in your body.

9. Improves Blood circulation

Deep breathing helps your body in getting its daily oxygen requirement which act as a fuel to blood in your body. This fuel helps not only in proper circulation of blood in all body parts, it also helps in improving the quality of your blood by detoxifying it.

10. Improves memory and Brain function

By providing more oxygen to the brain, the brain gets the energy to form new neurons in it thereby helping in stronger memory and power to work more effectively and efficiently.

Bonus points:

Deep breathing helps in cellular regeneration that helps in making you look young and keeps old age signs at bay, It also makes your hair stronger and reduces hair loss.

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